Keeping Your Trees and Shrubs Healthy

Plant Health Care (PHC) is defined as a process of scheduled preventative maintenance based on monitoring and use of cultural and chemical tactics, to enhance tree and plant vitality. Our (PHC) department uses a multifaceted approach to care for your trees and shrubs.

We utilize Integrated Pest Management Methodology to diagnose and treat insects and diseases that can impact your trees and shrubs.

This includes proper cultural practices along with economic and environmentally friendly approaches to diagnose and treat insect and disease problems.

Our plant health care technicians are fully licensed and insured and are kept up to date with training and the latest industry standards. Through our association with UMass and URI extension services, we receive a weekly update on any problems which may be affecting trees, shrubs and plantings in our area. This allows us to properly diagnosis, treat and if necessary collect samples for testing off site.

tree pruning new bedford ma


  • Gypsy Moth Caterpillar
  • Winter Moth Caterpillar
  • Hemlock Whooly Adelgid
  • Scale and Meally Bug
  • Pine Bark Beetle
  • Anthracnose
  • Leaf Blight & Spot
  • Phythopthora
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Needle Blight


If you think you may have a problem in your landscape then a PHC technician will visit your property and complete a visual inspection to determine the species of tree or plant and what may be affecting it. An assessment can then be made to determine the best course of action to help correct any issues that are found.

Whether it's environmental problems such as drought stress, or an insect or disease problem, we will tailor a program to help correct the problem safely and effectively. This may also require soil or tissue samples to be sent out for analysis to determine any problems where more than a visual inspection is required.

Whether it's a foliar application, direct trunk or a soil injection, we have the knowledge, personnel and the equipment to help you keep your trees and plants healthy and happy.


Here's a few of our many services provided

  • Foliar application's
  • Trunk Injection with the Mauget® capsule system
  • Basal bark treatments
  • Deep root and soil injection's
  • Deer repellant application's

Please call for a free assessment of your Fairhaven or New Bedford, MA landscape today!